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Prototype had interesting super powers and superior variety, Saints Row IV was hilarious and.

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Second Son is an origin story of a brand new character inside the mythos of inFAMOUS.

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You play as Delsin Rowe a skilled singer who lives his not all for luxury life in Seattle.

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The idea of zipping up skyscrapers, taking out bad guys and always getting the girl is unfortunately something we will never be able to experience, so gaming is often the next best thing.There will be blood—and drug references, and sexual references.So, while this game definitely has some content unsuitable for younger kids, Second Son.

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InFAMOUS Second Son is an action-adventure video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The brilliant, yet occasionally frustrating thing about a new generation of consoles is how distracting the visuals can be.Have you ever dreamed of harnessing the elements around you and using them to shape the world.

Second Son takes place a few years after the ending of Infamous 2 and uses the currently accepted ending that Cole MacGrath sacrificed himself for a better world in which humans and.Infamous Second Son: A PlayStation exclusive that was the first game to show off the power of the PS4 (yay) and all the things the new controller can do (Not as much yay.).The fast-paced combat will go down as some of the most well-done in a superhero game to date.

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Read Infamous: Second Son reviews from parents on Common Sense Media.For inFamous: Second Son on the PlayStation 4, GameRankings has 103 reviews.

Apparently it is the third installment in the series, but I never heard of it until I downloaded it from the Playstation Store when they had it for free for Playstation Online members.And it pretty much arrived on the release day of Infamous Second Son for me because this was my first game I purchased for the.Karma once again plays a role in this third Infamous game, but it again lacks nuance.

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InFamous: Second Son is a half-sequel, half-reboot of the franchise.

While the idea of an open-world superhero game developed by the talented folks at Sucker Punch sounds like a dream, the series always had some drawbacks I was hoping to see remedied with their first PS4 outing.

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Parents need to know Infamous: Second Son is an open-world third-person superhero game rated Teen by the ESRB and that some of its content may be iffy for its target audience.What inFamous: Second Son gets wrong with its narrative it more than makes up for it in its design and gameplay.The question has been at the heart of many superhero origin stories from Spiderman to the X-Men and now inFAMOUS: Second Son for the PlayStation 4.The Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P.) comes to town led by a stern woman named Augustine with the ability to shoot spikes of concrete anywhere she pleases, usually into people.

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