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The Flyboard from Zapata Racing is basically a water powered jetpack similar to this one that this guy used to almost eat a dock, except for your feet.A nozzle under the board bursts with 90% of the propulsion, allowing users to move around by tilting their feet and the board itself.Try 2 of the most innovative water sports around with exciting flying experiences on both a Flyboard and a Jetpack.Take flight on a water propelled Flyboard in Whitefish, Montana.

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The Flyboard is very intuitive: similar to learning how to ride a bike, water-ski, surf, skate, or any activity that requires a little balance.A new style of water base device has been born called the Flyboard, which incorporates a pair of water jet powered boots to propel its rider though the air and water.Description: Flyboard is one of the latest in water activities in Puerto del Carmen.St. Thomas Flyboarding is pleased to share this great new experience with you.The Flyboard is a device which you will attach to your feet and that works with water propulsion provided from a sports watercraft to elevate you over 10m (33ft) above water.

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There are too many clues pointing to a fake - barely any gear, running shoes (at 1:26), handheld remote, motorcycle helmet, 2 dinky little side-props for.A Flyboard is an item of water sport equipment that is used for hydroflighting or flying over a body of water.

The board is connected by a hose to a jet ski and is propelled by the water from the jet ski intake.Thanks to technology, it is also now a component of human flight.Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up to 15 m (49 ft) in the air or to dive headlong through the water down to 2.5 m (8 ft).The Flyboard looks similar to a snowboard and resembles it in size as well.

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At Aquafly Austin, the water-propelled Flyboard rockets pilots up to 30 feet into the sky using water—not gasoline or eagle tears—as its lone fuel source.Propelled by jets of water, the Flyboard rockets users above or below the surface.

The whole thing works in tandem with a jet ski, which pipes water up a hose and out of the jets attached beneath special boots, propelling the wearer dozens of feet into the air.The Flyboard is a bolt-on attachment that connects to a jet ski.Jet propelled boards that rocket you into the Big Sky of Montana.Innovative jet pack created by Franky Zapata allows you to fly like Iron Man and swim like a dolphin.

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Fly Board Fly-board is the newest action water sport in the area.

Our water Jetpack works by spraying highly pressurized water into the ocean to keep you in the air.

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A large hose channels high pressure water to the Flyboard from a nearby jet ski.The Flyboard attaches to any personal water craft and the main thrust comes from your feet, so it feels like Iron Man.

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